Creative Cookie Packaging Ideas to Increase Your Cookies Sales


Having the most delicious cookies in town doesn’t guarantee that you will get high sales. Instead, your sales depend on how well you present your treats. Well, this is where your cookie packaging comes in. This packaging is not simply a box that holds your delightful cookies. Instead, it can help you sell your cookies more. How? By designing the best packaging for cookies. Have a look at some creative cookie packaging ideas you can follow below!

The Importance of Cookie Packaging

Packaging cookies is the next essential aspect of your cookie-making process. Definitely, proper packaging can help keep your cookies fresh and protected from outside contaminants.

In addition to preserving the quality of your cookies, cookie boxes with dividers also play a great role in marketing them. For sure, premium quality packaging can help increase the value of your cookies in the market. It can make your cookies look more attractive to potential customers.

Moreover, you can also provide all the information regarding the type, age, price, contents, weight, and manufacture of your cookies, which might be a legal requirement.

How to Package Cookies for Sale?


Whether you are storing cookies for later or gifting them to others, you need to package them properly.

Here’s how to wrap cookies for a bake sale!

Layer Your Cookies

Layer your cookies between waxed or parchment paper. This way, you can keep them from sticking together or losing crispness.

Separate Them

Do not combine crisp and soft cookies in the same container when storing them. If you do this, it might cause the crisp ones to soften a bit.

Use Parchment

Always line cardboard containers with parchment or waxed paper.

Metal Tins

Use metal tins instead of plastic wraps to keep your cookies firmer.

In addition, you should also focus on how much room your cookies will take up in whatever container you select. Plus, you should pay attention to how much filler you will need to cushion them, depending on how you plan to deliver them.

How to Ensure Your Cookies Stay Fresh in Their Packaging?


In order to ensure that your cookies stay fresh in their luxury cake boxes, there are some steps you should note.

  • Let your cookies cool down

Let your cookies cool completely before packaging them. Remember, warm cookies can generate condensation inside the packaging. It can alter the texture and cause bacterial growth, molding, or other food safety issues.

  • Use cookie wrappers

Wrap your cookies tightly in plastic wrap or wax paper. This way, you can keep them from sticking together or losing crispness. If you’re shipping cookies, you can wrap pairs of cookies back-to-back in plastic wrap. Then, you should stack them smartly in rows with the largest and heaviest ones at the bottom of the box.

  • Freeze your cookies

Consider freezing your cookies before packing and shipping them. By doing this, you can help them stay fresh during transit. Better yet, you can rest assured that they will arrive even fresher than room-temperature cookies.

Creative Cookie Packaging Ideas for Bake Sale

So, are you ready to get creative with your bakery boxes with logo?

Check out some creative ideas for packaging cookies below!

Use Foil Pan

Grab a foil pan of any size and arrange your baked cookies like gifts. It will be a quick and easy way to make your treats look a little more presentable. In fact, your cookies will look better than just gifting them on a paper plate.

Consider Repurposed Containers

You can eventually turn an empty potato chip can into customized cookie packaging. So, gently wipe the interior and exterior clean with a barely damp cloth. Then, you can beautify the tube with contact paper, decorative tape, or a wide ribbon. Next, simply line with tissue paper and fill with small and sturdy cookies like biscotti.

A Plastic Bag Can Be Lovely

Yes, plastic bags can also be a good idea when it comes to wrapping cookies. You only need to slip in your cookies and tie the top with string.

Get Creative with Kitchen Textiles

If you want to present your cookies as beautiful gifts, you can wrap them in tea towels, dish towels, or cloth napkins.

Here, you can place your cookies in a resealable plastic bag and then place the bag in the center of your textile. Next, you just need to cover the corners at the top and tie them into a decorative knot.

Wrap Your Cookies in a Printable Pouch

Now, you can skip the store and print off your own cookie pouches at home. These pouches are great for small to medium-sized, flat cookies. Just wrap your cookies in plastic wrap before placing them in the paper pouch.

Mason Jar

Layer your sweet cookies in a mason jar and seal it. Also, don’t forget to wrap the neck with natural fibers like raffia or twine, and finish with a handmade gift tag.

Stack Your Cookies in Pretty Cupcake Wrappers

Placing your cookies inside elegant cupcake wrappers is perfect when it comes to how to package cookies for sale. Although it might not appear to go together. But there’s a simple method to level up your cookie display and increase the price you demand for your baked goods. Moreover, you can also get useful information about cupcake packaging ideas.

After all, we know that many adorable cupcake wrappers are available, including these awesome unicorn ones. Thus, these wrappers can actually be one of the best cookie packaging ideas for bake sales.

Present Your Gift in a Box

If you wish to present a true bakery-style gift, consider displaying your cookies in a windowed box. No doubt, you can provide everyone a peek into your hard work! Bakery boxes with logos are great for showcasing your brand.

Visible Packaging

Any type of bakery item that doesn’t have frosting can be wrapped in clear plastic party favor bags. Yes, these bags are ideal if you plan to start packaging individual cookies to shake up your price. The best part is that this style has twist ties in a variety of colors.

Display Your Cookies in Printable Bags

You can print off printable bags for smaller cookies and display them there. Believe it or not, these bags are fun for little birthday treats. In addition, they are perfect cookie-wrapping ideas if you don’t want to run to the store to get bags.

Paper Cones

You can bring back a tradition from the Victorian era by filling decorative paper cones with your delicious cookies. You can give your friends and family tissue paper-lined, cookie-filled cones as a party favor. Or else you can also surprise overnight guests by hanging full cones on their door knobs.

Handcrafted Envelopes

Consider placing your single cookies into brown lunch bags for your next get-together. Then, you can fold over the tops and trim with scissors. Also, you can finish the look with decorative trim and homemade tags.

Clear Cellophane

Instead of hiding your mouth-watering sugar cookies and other colorful confections, why not show them off?

How to do this?

  • Get a roll of clear cellophane
  • Wrap a piece around each cookie
  • Twist the ends
  • Tie with ribbons

Make Your Cookie Packaging Stand Out for Special Occasions

If you wish to celebrate a special occasion, there are many cookie packaging ideas you can try out.

Here are some ideas!

Customize Your Cookies Packaging

Yes, customize your packaging with custom labels, stickers, or tags. Of course, you need to ensure that all the elements match the occasion’s theme.

Add Your Personal Touch

Include a handwritten note or card with your cookies to make them more special and memorable.

Use Creative Shapes

You can use cookie cutters to create unique shapes for your cookies. Then, simply package them in clear cellophane bags or boxes. No doubt, this will make your cookies stand out and look more festive.

Create a Gift Basket

Create a delightful and festive gift basket by combining your cookies with other treats like chocolates or candies, and enhance the presentation with creative Christmas cookie packaging ideas. This thoughtful touch will make your gift more impressive for any occasion like Christmas. Whether you opt for charming holiday-themed boxes, festive ribbons, or personalized tags, the Christmas cookie packaging adds an extra layer of joy and warmth to your thoughtful gesture. So, go ahead and elevate your gift-giving experience by adding a sprinkle of holiday magic to your delicious treats.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Consider using eco-friendly packaging materials like kraft paper or biodegradable plastic bags. These materials will show that you care about the environment. For sure, they will also make your gift more sustainable. Don’t worry, you can get these eco-friendly packaging materials from suppliers like The Custom Bakery Boxes!

Wrapping Up

You can sell your cookies more by designing the best packaging for cookies. Hopefully, these creative cookie packaging ideas we revealed here will help you make your cookies look more adorable.

Happy designing!


What is the importance of cookie packaging?

Proper cookie packaging can help keep your cookies fresh and protected from outside contaminants. In addition, the right packaging can increase the value of your cookies and make them more attractive.

Are there eco-friendly cookie packaging options?

Some eco-friendly cookie packaging materials include kraft paper or biodegradable plastic bags.

How to make my cookie packaging stand out for special occasions?

You can personalize your cookie packaging with custom labels, stickers, or tags to match the theme of the occasion.

Can I use plastic wrap to wrap my cookies?

Yes, you can Wrap your cookies tightly in plastic wrap to keep them from sticking together or losing crispness.

Should I refrigerate cookies before wrapping them for a bake sale?

Yes, you should consider freezing your cookies before packing and shipping them.

How to make my cookies stay fresh in their packaging?

Here’s how to make your cookies stay fresh in their packaging:

  • Let your cookies cool down
  • Use cookie wrappers
  • Freeze your cookies

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