12 Christmas Cookie Packaging Ideas – Let’s Make This Christmas Unforgettable!


So, you have already taken the time to bake a batch of beautiful Christmas cookies, right? Now, don’t you think those treats deserve to be wrapped in equally beautiful Christmas cookie packaging? When you pack them beautifully, your friends and customers will know they’re getting a package of cookies right away, but with others, it will be an unexpected treat!

Thus, instead of doing all your shopping on Amazon this year, why not get more creative and whip up your packaging ideas? A thoughtful gift of cookies baked with love is sure to be appreciated. This applies especially when you wrap them up to look as wonderful as they taste. Well then, let’s make this Christmas unforgettable with 12 Christmas cookie packaging ideas!

12 Christmas Cookies Gift Packaging Ideas You Should Try

This Christmas is about getting the best packaging cookies for gifts. Whether you need to send these sweet treats to your friends or customers, there are some Christmas cookie box ideas you should try.

Let’s be creative with your packaging for Christmas cookies!

1.   Put Your Delicious Cookies in Lovely Jars

How about showing off your beautiful Christmas cookies in clear jars with festive lids?

Who would want to hide these treats in a closed box anyway?

If you have some shapely and beautiful cookies on their own, up-cycle a mason jar is your way to go.


2.   Get Creative with a DIY Decorating Kit

If you know your customers well and love to decorate, you should not gift completed cookies. Instead, you can consider giving them a cute cookie decorating kit. For instance, you can get easy cookie recipes and bake them up. Then, don’t forget to deliver them along with some cute sprinkles, candies, and a tub of frosting to celebrate this holiday.


3.   Wrap Up Your Slice-and-Bake Cookie Dough

Slice-and-bake cookies are favorites for many cookie lovers, and these treats are easy to pack.

Here’s what you need to do!

  • Simply wrap up the logs of cookie dough in waxed paper
  • Next, you can wrap them candy-style in crepe paper or tissue
  • Tie off the ends with fluffy yarn or ribbon and you’ve got an adorable treat
  • Don’t forget to include the baking directions written on the outside


4.   Deliver Your Sweet Cookies in a Mug

Speaking of how to package cookies for gifts, a mug can be your ideal option. Well, we know that everyone loves to dunk their cookies in milk or coffee. So, why not give your friends or customers a medium for dipping with a festive holiday mug filled with cookies?


5.   Decorate Custom Cookie Boxes With Logo

You can get a simple brown box and turn it into a beautiful gift with delicious cookies.

How to do this?

  • Arrange holiday cupcake liners in the box and place your delicious cookies inside
  • Use a large ribbon on the outside to commemorate the occasion

If you want to go more festive, you can place three boxes on a simple wooden tray and give the entire package to your customers —they deserve it! By customizing your cookie boxes with a logo, you can add a personal touch that elevates the entire experience.


6.   Wrap Your Sweet Cookies in Cellophane

When it comes to knowing how to wrap cookies for a gift, cellophane can be a great idea. In fact, if you are  making cutout cookies for a friend, this will be your perfect gift

Here’s what to do!

  • Give an extra gift by attaching a cookie cutter to the top of a cellophane-wrapped package
  • Place a few cookies in a cardstock baking cup
  • Now wrap the cup with cellophane and secure it with a ribbon
  • Attach your cookie cutter to the ribbon
  • Tie the ribbon in a bow to make your custom bakery boxes wholesale look beautiful


Plus, don’t forget to personalize the gift by using a cookie cutter!

7.   Crepe Paper as Your Christmas Cookie Wrapping

Do you know that you can make a statement with your wrapping? How?

Place your cookies in a simple box and cover them with gold crepe paper. You can clinch the paper on both ends to deliver an extra festive touch with a fabric Christmas lights garland.


8.   Mix and Match Those Cookie Tins

Without any doubt, a mixed cookie tin is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

What should you do here?

  • Line the bottom and sides of a square or rectangular airtight tin with corrugated paper
  • Next, you should fold short lengths in half for dividers
  • Then, envelop your cookies in tissue paper, buffer them with corrugated paper tubes
  • Protect them using accordion folds of red paper
  • You can also tie a short stack of cookies with baker’sbaker’s twine


9.   Holiday Cookie Mailing Tubes

Just the right shape for packaging cookies, you can make bright-colored cardboard tubes look even more festive. How?

  • Decorate the tubes in red and white to represent the season’s best candy canes.
  • Nail the look by cutting strips of adhesive paper in different widths
  • Wrap the strips of adhesive paper around your mailing tubes


Before slipping them into the tube, remember to wrap and pack your cookies in decorative tissue paper.

10. Use Disposable Baking Supplies

This is another creative idea of the Christmas cookie gift box idea you can try. All you need to do is visit a local craft store to find all kinds of single-use baking supplies, such as loaf and muffin pans. They are made from plant-based materials and will serve as a perfect blank canvas for a holiday gift.

What’s more, you can decorate the outside using washi tape, stickers, and stamps, then wrap it all up with a big bow.

Or else, you can try filling a square or round cake pan with cookies. Then, simply wrap the entire thing in colored cellophane and tie it with a lovely festive ribbon.

Overall, kitchen molds make attractive Christmas cookie bag ideas. Plus, they even serve your recipient well long after the cookies are eaten.

11. Wine Bags Are Perfect for Holiday Goodies

Speaking of cookie gift box ideas, you can rely on wine bags to deliver holiday goodies. You can simply wrap your cookies individually in plastic wrap first to keep them fresh. Then, you can tie the bag with a bow. You can even tie in a cute ornament for extra flair.


12.   Towel Ties

Well, this clever wrapping technique is like two presents in one. So, you only need to wrap your cookies securely by placing them in a box. Then, you can wrap it with a beautiful printed linen. Your recipients will not just be getting a delicious treat. More than that, they will also receive a stunning kitchen towel.


How to Package Christmas Cookies Safely and Beautifully?

There are many ways to package Christmas cookies safely and beautifully. Of course, it depends on your cookies’ type, size, and shape. Also, it depends on your personal preference and budget.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you pack your Christmas cookies!

Choose a Sturdy Box

Choose sturdy, custom cookie boxes with dividers to protect your cookies from breaking or crumbling. Remember to ensure the container is clean and dry before filling it with cookies.

Line the Box

Now, you must line the box with parchment, wax, or tissue paper. All these materials will create a cushion for the cookies. For extra padding, you can also consider using bubble wrap, shredded paper, or wood shavings.

Wrap Each Cookie Individually

Next, you should wrap each cookie individually or in small batches with plastic wrap, cellophane, or wax paper. This will keep your cookies fresh and prevent them from sticking together or absorbing moisture from the air. If you want to pack smaller cookies, you can use resealable bags or decorative paper cups.

Arrange the Cookies in the Box

Depending on their shape and size, you should arrange your cookies in a single layer or stacks. You should also avoid leaving too much space or gaps between them. Remember, empty space can cause your delicate cookies to shift and break during transport. So, make sure you fill the spaces with more padding material. You can add festive decorations, such as ribbons, bows, tags, stickers, or ornaments.

Seal the Box Tightly

Now, seal the box with a lid or tape to prevent air from entering. You can also wrap the box with wrapping paper, fabric, or foil to make it more attractive. Don’t forget to add a label with your name, the recipient’s name, and the name of your sweet cookies inside.

Most importantly, you can also include a note with:

  • A personal message
  • The ingredients list
  • The expiration date of your cookies

Lastly, if you are shipping your delicate cookies, you will need to pack them in a larger shipping box and add more padding material around the box. You must also mark the box as “fragile” and “perishable” and write “this side up” on all sides of the box. You can also add some ice packs or dry ice to keep the cookies cool during transit.

Tips to Keep Christmas Cookies Fresh in Christmas Cookie Packaging

To complete our Christmas cookie packaging ideas, here are some tips to keep your cookies fresh!

Watch Out for Overlapping Flavors

Avoid packing different cookie flavors together in a bag or a cookie tin. Remember, if your cookies are not separated carefully, flavors will mingle together.

Cool Down Your Cookies Before Wrapping

Make sure that your cookies are cooled completely to room temperature before packaging them. This will ensure the highest quality. In fact, wrapping your cookies while warm will trap moisture and make them soggy or overly delicate.

Consider Texture

Yes, you should also avoid packing crunchy and soft cookies together, regardless of container. Why?

Because pairing them together can make crunchy cookies soft and soft cookies dry.

Don’t Overpack

We know that freshly baked cookies can be fragile. To avoid breakage, do not overstuff your box.

Be Mindful of Food Allergies and Diets

Labeling your gift with potential allergens is always a good idea. After all, if you don’t want it to look like you’re giving an ingredient list, you can always share a copy of the recipe as part of the gift.

Secure Your Cookies

If traveling with decorated cookies, you must take extra precautions to hold them in place. For this, you can melt candy melts and add a drop to the bottom of each cookie. This way, you can attach them to a cake board or cookie box to prevent them from moving around. Plus, less shifting means fewer chances that your decorated cookies will get damaged or smudged.

Final Notes

So, there you have it—12 Christmas cookie packaging ideas. If you are ready to design your packaging using the ideas above, you can work with professionals at The Custom Bakery Boxes.


What are some tips for ensuring my Christmas cookies stay fresh in their packaging?

To make your cookies stay fresh in their packaging, you should:

  • Watch out for overlapping flavors
  • Cool down your cookies before wrapping
  • Consider texture
  • Don’t overpack

What’s a creative way to package assorted cookies with different shapes and sizes?

To package assorted cookies, you can mix and match them in a cookie tin. You might also need to add some dividers to preserve the original flavor of each cookie. Moreover, you can read a blog that is especially about creative cookie packaging ideas.

Are there any safety tips to consider when packaging cookies for gifts?

For shipping delicate cookies, you will need to pack them in a larger shipping box and add more padding material around the box. You must also mark the box as “fragile” and “perishable” and write “this side up” on all sides of the box. You can also add ice packs or dry ice to keep the cookies cool during transit.

How far in advance can I package Christmas cookies for gifting?

It depends on how long your Christmas cookies will last. Of course, you don’t want customers or friends to receive cookies that have already expired. On average, you can start packaging Christmas cookies for gifting 1 month earlier.

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