10 Unique Packaging Design Trends For 2024

Unique Packaging Design Trends

The best packaging design always helps your brand to succeed in the competitive market. In 2024, eye-catching and innovative packaging will always help you to build brand loyalty and capture potential customers’ attention. The current year has brought a number of exciting packaging trends focusing on functionality, sustainability, and creativity. Here, we will discuss ten unique and creative packaging designs.

10 Best Packaging Design Trends 2024

In 2024, trends in packaging design range from minimalist to bold designs to convert ordinary to brilliance. The latest trends also show the customers’ shifting preferences and help brands to tell their stories in the newest ways. These new packaging trends help small business owners to connect with their potential customers and gain prominence in a competitive market.

Augmented Packaging

Augmented packaging blends the digital and tactile approaches to create a magnificent sensory experience for the consumers. The presence of QR codes allows you to display the necessary information in a stylish way through the integration into the packaging design. However, it is more than just the basic communication and visual appearance.

You can customize the packaging to enhance the relationship between the brand and the consumer. The customers will be delved into the brand universe after scanning the QR code. It’s a good idea to add a coupon, discount, or personalized message for a QR code on your custom packaging for bakery products.

Brutalist Type

Brutalist Type trend

2024, packaging design trends have become popular in the presence of vibrant color collisions. Brutalist type is a fabulous addition to contrast packaging trends. This packaging design has become the main focus for several businesses that prefer the monumental approach of blending grandeur and simplicity.

It’s a fact that bold, distinctive, and decorative packaging on retail shelves always attracts potential customers. You can reduce the frills and focus on the typeface to make a statement to become the popular choice in the competitive industry.

Discreet But Deluxe

It is true that a discreet but deluxe packaging design is another great packaging design for your products. This packaging design whispers to quality and functionality while maintaining an excellent visual appearance. It is a renewable appetite, allowing customers to see beyond the protection. This packaging design is a counter-movement for unboxing videos and grand gestures.

Flat Graphics

This design on packaging promotes simplicity and clarity in the presence of fabulous colors and clear lines. When you are embracing the dominance of digital design for packaging, you need to use flat graphics because simpler is always a better choice. You can use this design to boost the illustrations with different color palettes and typography.

Hyper Contrast

In the world of packaging designs for different businesses and products, a Hyper contrast has come out as a trendy option. The angular shapes reveal the audacity of the presence of the palette. This design is not about the colors but combining them with a clear objective. Hypercontrast is designed to attract the consumers’ attention.

Interactive Packaging

Interactive Packaging trend in 2024

It’s a fact that brands are moving away from solely selling their products everywhere; they are focusing on improving the user experience. Therefore, every brand considers packaging and marketing aspects. This fabulous packaging design engages and satisfies potential customers. There are different forms and shapes of this smart packaging as it is multifunctional, enabling customers to interact with the business.

Saturated Pastels

Saturated Pastels

It has an equivalent striking packaging design, just like the Hyper contrast. Saturated pastels alter the convection of the pastel shades. The traditional pastels have become the top-notch choice in the presence of potent and elegant vibrancy. These colors can easily brighten acid hues and neon in their recent time. You can use these pastels to blend the youthful and softer colors gently for food packaging design.

Translucent Play

It is true that brands are considering different packaging designs apart from the semi-opaque options and die-cut windows. This product packaging design helps you to showcase your products perfectly and craft a narrative for your brand. When you are searching for something new to captivate the customers’ attention, this packaging type reshapes the design conversion for your brand.

50s Comeback

Flat graphics are not the lone design that has become the latest trend in the packaging industry. The 50s era promotes the unique charm and elegant design concept to become a fabulous return to the packaging industry. The illustrations and the elegant line drawings help you to build a unique brand identity. Therefore, you can make a box of Twinkies in the presence of a retro vibe.

3D Design

3D packaging design for boxes refers to the comprehensive process of manufacturing packaging that is beyond flat graphics. It allows you to incorporate three-dimensional elements to improve the tactile and visual experience of your valuable products. There are different techniques to create 3D designs to provide elegant structure, shapes, and depth to your custom bagel boxes for baked goods.

3D design for packaging consists of interactive elements, distinctive shapes, pop-up components, and debossed and embossed textures to provide a multi-sensory experience to the users.

The ultimate goal of this packaging is to make your product functional, memorable, and visually appealing to enhance the user experience with your brand. You can use these packaging designs to make your products more distinctive on the retail shelves. Moreover, this packaging design uses sustainable materials and advanced technology to ensure fabulous effects for different businesses.


What is the packaging design trend in 2024?

 The minimalist packaging design has become the latest trend in 2024 to ensure the maximum impact for a number of businesses to engage potential customers.

What are the future trends in packaging?

customizable boxes, bold typography, smart packaging, minimalist designs, and sustainable materials have become the future trends in packaging.

What is currently trending in product packaging design?

Minimalist designs and interactive elements such as QR codes are trending in product packaging design.

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