What Is The Kraft Paper And How Used In Packaging


What Is Kraft Paper?

A durable brown paper produced from kraft pulp that is ideal for creating rigid boxes, kraft paper boards, durable cartons, and wrapping kraft papers. The surface of this paper is porous for the brilliant finishing and fabulous printing to offer a fabulous look. Therefore, it is the best-branded packaging for different products.

How Is Kraft Paper Better Than Regular Paper?

Kraft paper is better than regular paper because it offers more resistance to puncture because of its magnificent durability. Moreover, you can use the foil, debossing, and embossing finishing options on the kraft paper.

Production Process For Kraft Paper

In the 1880s, A German painter, Mr Carl F. Dahl, derived the name for kraft paper from the process of kraft pulping. He found that blending specific chemicals with the cellulose pulp improved the durability of paper after manufacturing from the pulp of wood. Therefore, custom kraft bags are popular packaging because of their sturdy nature for wrapping different products.

Popular Types Of Kraft Paper


There are different types of kraft paper available to give your packaging a luxurious look. Therefore, you have a choice of using the desired paper to make your packaging more durable for protecting the products.

  • Virgin Natural Kraft Paper
  • Recycled Kraft Paper
  • Colored Kraft Paper
  • White or Bleached Kraft Paper
  • Coated Kraft Paper
  • Reinforced Kraft Paper

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

Virgin kraft paper is a sustainable paper that is produced from wood pulp and is available for first-time use. This new paper has a brown color with a rough texture with an uncoated feature.

It is an unbleached paper without any chemicals and is known as Solid Unbleached Sulfate (SUS). There is an 80% virgin fiber to offer stiffness with resistance to tear. Moreover, it is the thinnest paper to offer smoothness, making it the perfect choice for different printing options.

Recycled Kraft Paper

It is an eco-friendly option for packing the different products because you can recycle this paper to minimize the costs of buying the new packaging. It means you can easily turn this paper back into pulp to produce a new paper roll. Therefore, a lot of businesses prefer to use kraft paper rolls that are made from raw and recycled materials.

Colored Kraft Paper

This type of paper is available in a variety of color combinations, allowing the different businesses to align with their brand stories. This paper is usually manufactured by using different color schemes. There are different color schemes available to give the best look to the packaging material and make your brand more prominent to consumers.

White or Bleached Kraft Paper

While unbleached kraft papers are not a suitable option for packing precious and luxury products, bleached packaging has become the preferable option because of its elegant appearance and fabulous surface. This white kraft paper has become an appealing packaging choice for creating custom bakery boxes because it gives a premium look to your products.

You must remember that bleached packaging can affect the eco-friendliness of the environment. However, you can use this magnificent packaging depending on your business requirements for packing the products while also considering a green and sustainable environment.

Coated Kraft Paper

This coated paper is produced from virgin fiber with excellent specifications to manufacture the custom boxes. It is an ideal packaging option even though it is not an ideal option because of the low resistance against the tear. Moreover, you can save a good amount of money by using this packaging to promote your business.

Reinforced Kraft Paper

It is an appealing craft paper packaging consisting of three layers. There is a fabulous fiberglass scrim material between two layers of construction kraft paper to increase the durability. This sustainable packaging material has become a long-lasting option with tear-resistant and non-staining features. Therefore, you can use printed kraft paper for your products.

How To Use Kraft Paper For Durable Packaging?

The kraft paper is being used to create sustainable packaging like the custom kraft bakery boxes for the bakery business. E-commerce brands use this durable packaging to protect products and deliver them safely.

The carton boxes are the most common packaging for businesses, helping them achieve their goals while contributing to the eco-friendly environment. It is a versatile packaging option that allows different businesses to use innovative packaging to enhance their brand visibility and offer customers satisfaction.

Advantages Of Kraft Paper For Packaging Purposes

Kraft paper packaging has become a superior option because it is not only a durable material but also offers several benefits. Therefore, several businesses are using sustainable packaging to get a number of advantages.

  • It is a brilliant eco-friendly packaging contributing to a green environment.
  • It is a biodegradable material that can be easily decomposed.
  • This packaging has no negative impact on the environment.
  • You can use this recycled material again in new packaging for products.
  • Offer the ultimate durability and protection to products.
  • Spread the brand awareness to the potential customers.
  • Increase the sales for our business.

Choose Kraft Paper For Packing Your Products


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