Top 8 Bakery Packaging Ideas to Grab More Customers


Product display is the most essential thing that helps bakery businesses to catch more attention. This is where the design of bakery packaging comes in. Generally speaking, we all buy with our eyes when it comes to getting delicious bakery items. This means that we will buy any product if it can catch our eye, and bakeries are no exception in this case. So, if you are a bakery owner, you should know how important it is to make your packaging as attractive as possible. Well then, let’s check out the top 8 bakery packaging ideas to help you grab more customers!

Print Those Paper Bags for Creative Packaging Solutions


As a brand owner, you surely know that those customers would appreciate your extra personal touch. So, why not print those paper bags to present your bakery items?

Without you realizing it, paper bags can enhance your product offering and increase the sense of luxury of your bakery items. How?

When you print paper bags, it shows customers that you made their orders extra special. Even better, placing your brand’s logo on the bags can make your bakery goods look more costly. As a result, you can get more chances to sell them.

Make It Simple

Do you know that you can keep the costs of your customized food packaging low by keeping things simple?

Yes, you surely can!

One of the best bakery packaging ideas is to make your packaging design simple. However, you should note that the simplicity we are talking about here does not mean bright colors and patterns are off-limits. Instead, as you grow your bakery brand in fame, you will surely make more customers loyal to you. Accordingly, to make people take notice of your bakery brand, you should consider making a change in the color scheme and design layout of your bakery packaging.

Play with Vibrant Colors

Perhaps you have heard that the color of an object influences its perception. Well, the same goes with your packaging design for bakery items.

One of the most effective bakery presentation ideas is enticing to customers with the colors of your packaging. For sure, vibrant colors in your creative design will look more attractive in customers’ eyes. In this context, make sure you pay attention to the colors, images, stickers and fonts of your packaging.

Speak Through Your Packaging


Do you want to make your customized bakery boxes wholesale into the story of your brand and bakery items?

If you wish to inform customers about your bakery, you can apply high-resolution images and short texts.

For example, you can describe in your own words some details like”

  • How did you start your bakery business?
  • What was your idea when starting your bakery brand?
  • What makes your bakery items and brand unique than others?

In brief, you need to engage your customers through your biodegradable bakery packaging. Most importantly, you should make it compelling enough that they will want to explore more about your bakery business. As a result, by speaking through your packaging, you can further enhance your branding.

Your Handwritten Note Can Make All the Difference

Speaking of baked goods packaging ideas, your handwritten note or a small gift in your packaging can really make all the difference. Even better, by inserting your handwritten note or a small gift in the packaging, you can indirectly tell your customers that you want them to buy from you again. How?

For example, you can give them some extras like truffles or cookies along with their orders. Or else, a simple yet warm gesture of a ‘Thank You’ note from your brand can make your customers smile, even before they enjoy your bakery items.

Make Your Packaging Reliable


Whether you choose compostable bakery packaging or other packaging types, your product packaging must be strong enough to keep your baked goods from being dirty. Accordingly, this is the main reason why you need to choose and use good packaging materials to make your packaging stand the test of time.

Your customers will always expect baked goods they buy from you to remain fresh until they want to eat them. Hence, you need to make your packaging reliable to convince them to come back to your brand for delicious bakery items.

To help you out in this matter, there are various packaging materials that can be very durable to protect your baked goods.

What are these materials?

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated
  • Kraft
  • Rigid

Depending on your needs and items’ characteristics, you can choose the material that is best for your brand.

Don’t Skip Those Wonderful Finishing Coats

If you want your bakery items to have a long shelf life, then you need to polish your packaging with finishing coats. Why?

Because finishing coats serve as a protective layer applied to the surface of the packaging. Moreover, this protective layer will further protect your baked goods from UV rays and other environmental factors.

Another great thing is that finishing coats can also help enhance the look of your packaging.

Here are some options you can choose for the finishing coats!

  • A matte coating will help you present your bakery items in decent and fashionable styles
  • A glossy coating can make your packaging look shinier on the shelves

Sustainable Bakery Packaging Is on the Rise

Suitable food packaging for baked products is on the rise these days as more customers prefer to buy. Thus, if you want to grab more attention, you should consider meeting this demand.

So, how to make your bakery packaging sustainable?

  • Use eco-friendly materials

You can use compostable and biodegradable products like paper, cardboard, cornstarch, or sugarcane to produce your packaging for the bakery. All these materials will work well in reducing the environmental impact of packaging waste. Better yet, eco-friendly packaging materials can also showcase your bakery’s commitment to sustainability.

  • Go with natural fiber materials

Basically, the natural fiber materials are derived from plants or animals. For example of these materials, you can imagine cotton, wool, or silk. The most excellent feature we should note about these natural fiber materials is that they provide insulation and better protection for baked goods. Plus, of course, all these materials biodegrade naturally.

What’s more, with the help of professionals like The Custom Bakery Boxes, you can customize the design of these materials to suit your bakery’s style.

  • Edible materials are ideal for packaging baked goods

Edible materials are safe and also very delicious to eat. Imagine rice paper, seaweed, or chocolate material for your bakery packaging. Well, the best part about these materials is that they have the capability to eliminate packaging waste. As a bonus, these materials will add value and uniqueness to your bakery items.

Final Notes

As a bakery owner, you know how important it is to make your packaging as attractive as possible to grab more customers. Hence, you can try some bakery packaging ideas we revealed here, such as printing your paper bags, making your packaging design simple, playing with vibrant colors, and you can eventually speak through your packaging. To get better results, you can consider including your handwritten note, making your packaging reliable, and applying some wonderful finishing coats to attract more customers. Most importantly, you should not forget to follow the rise of sustainable bakery packaging to meet the market demand. Hopefully, by designing your bakery packaging with these top ideas, you will be able to grab more customers within no time!


How does compostable packaging make my bakery items more environmentally friendly?

Yes, when you use compostable packaging, you can reduce the environmental impact of your bakery items.

What is the best way to educate customers about the importance of sustainable bakery packaging?

You can educate customers about the importance of sustainable bakery packaging by providing information to recycle your packaging. Moreover, you can also use some taglines like ‘Go Green’ on your packaging to inspire them.

How to make attractive and functional bakery packaging to grab customers?

You can make the design simple and focus more on the functionality of your packaging. In addition, you should provide detailed information about your bakery items to help customers make their purchasing decisions.

What are the cost considerations I should note from using sustainable bakery packaging?

Sustainable bakery packaging uses materials that have the capability to eliminate packaging waste. This means that you can reduce the excessive costs of packaging materials. Moreover, you can customize the design and texture of these materials to fit your budget.

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